Help the great explorer Zigmundo to find the magical relic, the Twin Stone! A multi-character Metroidvania adventure for Gameboy begins!

A long time ago, a demon king invaded our land bringing an era of darkness. Two legendary brother warriors stood against him and defeated the whole army with their unparalleled power. 

The king swore to return. 

To prevent another era of chaos, the brothers' souls were stored in a magic crystal called, The Twin Stone!


This game is a demo of my GB Studio project called TwinTwin and it was developed in 20 days for the Metroidvania Month 21 Game Jam. The intent is to turn this project into a full-length game so if you have any feedback, questions, or bug and issue reports, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me. I really appreciate that! 


Please send me your feedback. Add me on Discord: freinicke#9304 Instagram / Twitter / TikTok : @freinicke 


A Game By
Felipe Reinicke 'freinicke'

Game & Level Design, Character Design, Programming and Pixel Art
Felipe Reinicke 'freinicke'


External Assets and Assets not made during the Game Jam period

Music and SFX

Some visual assets such as sprites, UI elements, and icons were leveraged from my other game project called Swordbird Song: The Iron Owl Tower. They are all original works made by myself.

Some default visual assets and sound effects from the GB Studio Engine.


Made with GB Studio


Special Thanks

GB Studio community on Discord and YouTube for all the support, testing, and engagement! You are awesome!


Please leave your comment or feedback! Thanks!


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Development log


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This was awesome! I hope you continue to work on this because it has so much potential. I loved the art, the characters, and the funny dialogue. I would like to see what else you might come up with with the switching! 


Oh god....It's me LMAO💀💀

Great puzzle adventure game, and nice cliffhanger at the end lol. Could see some neat mechanic interactions showing up for the full game. We may even get to know more about Zigmundo and his split selves, Ziggy and Mundo, further in the story. 

I do wanna clarify tho, if the wooden blocks restrict the character swapping? It was confusing when it happens occasionally lol.

Good luck with further development.

Played the whole demo! Really well made and I am excited for whats to come :)

This is awesome. I played the whole thing. It’s a very fun puzzle platformer. 

At first I was confused by the blocked that don’t let you switch player. Then I got kinda annoyed. Why do they exist?

Belo jogo e bom trabalho com as mecânicas e artes. Tem potencial e acho que vocĂŞ pretende deixar o templo cada vez mais habitado de desafios. Gostei mesmo. 

Curiosamente tenho um jogo que se passa em um templo também hahaha, mas ao invés da twinstone, é a pedra filosofal.

Grande abraço!

This popped up when I reloaded the page and selected continue.

(1 edit)

hmmm... I will have a look at that but I think it must be some issue with saving/loading the game in the browser version. Thank you for sending this!


I can see tons of potential! Really fun. One thing that might need some reworking - I didn’t get the map until I had seen literally every other room, making it kind of useless. I really would’ve liked to have it from the beginning - I really don’t like the “find the map” mechanic. 

OR just let the map fill in as you find rooms, but when you find the actual map it just shows you all of the rooms you haven’t seen yet. I think that’s the best


I agree with you. I repeated this "find the map" mechanic from my previous game Swordbird Song, it is a Zelda-like Action RPG and it works better with this type of map. However, Metroidvanias certainly needs to be more like real-time mapping since it is very focused on exploration. Will work on that!

awesome. cant wait for the full game (hoping you stick with it)!


This was nice, I especially liked the more detailed cutscene art. I feel like the rooms tended to fall into a pattern where Ziggy gets into a small area to open a path, and then Mundo breaks the barrier so you can proceed.

Thanks! You're right, there aren't a lot of different explorations of the switch mechanic since this was made in 20 days. haha! I will definitely explore more rooms and puzzle variations when I have some time to expand this to a full-length game! :)